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Delfigo's SoMoCloud® Authentication Solution

Strong Mobile Authentication - without additional hardware or complex password sequences - is essential to secure applications on end user owned and controlled mobile devices that connect users to critical corporate and personal data. By understanding the way users behave on their devices, organizations can respond by enhancing their experience when identity is trusted, and by securing transactions and account modifications when it is not.

SoMoCloud for Applications

Delfigo's mobile security solution can protect individual applications by providing authentication that is quick and easy to use, providing improved user experience on the mobile device. We offer cross platform support and the ability to authenticate using your existing front-end interface. Organizations using Delfigo's technology to protect their applications can provide an additional layer of authentication each time the user logs in to the app, without requiring them to remember and enter complex password sequences, or carry additional hardware.

SoMoCloud for Wrappers and Containers

Delfigo's mobile security solution can protect wrappers and containers used to deliver corporate applications to end user devices in Bring Your Own Device (“BYOD”) environments. By protecting access to the container, Delfigo adds an additional layer of security, beyond the username and password, to assure that the person accessing critical applications is the person who has been granted access to these applications on their device. By enabling the end user to quickly and easily access these applications, while providing additional security for the enterprise, Delfigo helps to create a safe container environment on the employee device.

SoMoCloud for Devices

Delfigo's mobile security solution can be deployed on the device as a lock screen to prevent anyone other than the true owner from accessing any applications on the device. By presenting the user with Delfigo's mobile multi-factor authentication interface when they attempt to access their device, Delfigo's solution assures that in the event of loss or theft, user data is secure and only the true owner is allowed to access, and use, the device.


Delfigo's DSGateway™ Authentication Solution

Strong authentication solutions are essential to the protection of personal information and confidential data from automated attacks (i.e. malware, trojans (Zeus), man-in-the-middle, man-in-the-browser); and to augment efforts to prevent employees and customers from becoming victims of user centric social engineering scams (phishing).

Enterprise Multi Factor Authentication

For enterprise customers, or those needing to scale as requirements and resources change, the Enterprise Multi Factor solution takes full advantage of DSGateway’s event driven security architecture to enable customer specific, risk based solutions that integrate primary and secondary authentication methods (i.e. out-of-band phone based one time passwords, text based one time passwords, challenge response questions etc.) directly into application login, activity and transaction based workflows.

Second Factor Authentication

Designed for small-medium sized financial service firms, healthcare providers and ecommerce vendors who have addressed the security and remote access needs of their users through Single Sign On and SSL VPN, however, still require a second factor authentication solution to comply with industry standard or government mandated strong authentication requirements (i.e. PCI, FFIEC, FISMA, HIPAA, NIST 800-63). Stable, cost effective entry point for deploying the DSGateway platform.

Automation Detector

Designed for small-medium business and enterprise customers, the Automation Detector scans input data to provide a clear picture of the type of traffic that is engaging a system or application. The role of the Automation Detector is to identify automated software or bots as opposed to legitimate human interaction. The software flags suspicious activity for use in conjunction with a customer's existing security and prevention systems.


"Children's Hospital Cardiology is continuously investing in new technologies and capabilities so we can deliver the best patient care. We expect our next-generation clinical care solution will provide considerably improved patient management, and should reduce healthcare costs by consolidating processes and workflows across multiple locations. DSGateway promises to meet our security and compliance needs, while integrating into our current technology."

Dr. James Lock
Chairman of Cardiology
Children's Hospital Boston