Delfigo Security - Strong Authentication

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  • ManufacturingDo you users across your supply chain network requiring access to your systems with different levels of security and access control?
  • Is the cost of acquiring and managing authentication tokens a burden on your organization?
  • Are you looking for IT security solutions that lower overall TCO to help meet budget demands in today's economy?

Manufacturing is a global industry. Companies must rely on a global network of suppliers, contractors and captive facilities to ensure cost-effective operations. With an increasingly complex supply network, the winners in today's competitive market are the companies that effectively compete on IP and supply network efficiencies.

Today, manufacturers must compete in a climate of industry consolidation and shrinking product lifecycles. At the same time, they face diverse regulatory mandates from various governments to ensure public safety and security.  As such, manufacturing companies, device manufacturers, biotech, and pharmaceuticals operate in the most highly regulated environments. Failure to prove compliance isn't just a slap on the wrist - it can cost a company millions in penalties and even force plant closures.

High costs, time and resources hinder the ability to implement secure IT authentication systems. Delfigo offers a cost-effective, real-time, strong authentication solution that integrates easily with your existing infrastructure. DSGateway includes keyboard biometrics, geospatial parameters and system parameters to offer one of the strongest identity authentication solutions in the industry.

Contact Delfigo to learn more about how we can assist you in securing your systems and infrastructure across your global supply chain.