Delfigo Security - Strong Authentication

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  • eCommerce SolutionsAre you looking to better protect your business and your customers against fraud?
  • Are you looking for a strong authentication solution that is so easy to use your customers don't even know it is there?
  • Do you spend valuable resources combating identity theft?

eCommerce companies need stronger forms of authentication than a password to fight fraud and identity theft. They also need to balance the needs of their customers and not force complicated security measures that interfere with the end-user experience

DSGateway's strong, multi-factor authentication and seamless, hassle-free end-user experience make it the ideal solution for any eCommerce company. It solves the distribution challenges companies face with current second-factor authentication solutions. It's unique architecture and design significantly reduces implementation time and overall total cost of ownership. DSGateway provides the industry's premier fraud-prevention authentication capability reassuring any eCommerce consumer.  The cloud architecture delivers a seamless authentication solution that is easy to deploy and manage for IT administrators.

Contact Delfigo to learn how we can help you reduce fraud and protect your customers confidential data.