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Benefit Case Study - Delfigo

Nucleus Research, January 2013

Elliot Health System deployed Delfigo DSGateway to support remote access security with Citrix Web Interface that was easier to use and more cost effective than its previous remote identity management solution. Nucleus found that the Delfigo DSGateway cloud-based biometric security system provided improved security when compared to a token-based solution while reducing recurring annual costs by over 90 percent.



Delfigo Provides Business Value Through Multi-Factor Biometric Mobile Security

Nucleus Research, November 2012

Delfigo provides a multi-factor authentication (MFA) approach which includes knowledge-based, possession-based, and biometric-based identity management capabilities for mobile devices and computing endpoints. Nucleus found that this approach was more effective than traditional two-factor authentication approaches at a fraction of the cost. Potential benefits include improved revenue, reduced end-user time to authenticate identity, increased application adoption, and improved application interfaces.



Backup and Secure Access for Cloud Computing

David Baum, July 27, 2010

As we move toward cloud computing, backup becomes more nebulous. Certainly the online providers are backing up our data in mass to protect themselves from major data center disasters, but in a multitenant environment, what happens to the individual when they lose their cloud data?

Read article.... Strict Tempo on Data Security

Kevin Davies,  January 20, 2010

From the National Institutes of Health to T-Mobile, Twitter to the White House, almost no organization is immune to security concerns. For life sciences and health care, the problems are particularly troublesome given the need to track data access and comply with regulatory standards...

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IEEE Spectrum: Biometrics Data Is Vulnerable, Warn Experts

Mark Anderson, August 18, 2009 

Encryption standards and data-access rules needed

Ralph Rodriguez of Boston-based Delfigo Security says the biggest problem with using biometrics for identification is that even if they are encrypted, they need only to be hacked once to be compromised forever. "I don't get another right thumb," he says....

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