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About Delfigo 

Delfigo Security is a venture-backed provider of information security solutions located in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts. Delfigo's zero-footprint security platform, DSGatewayTM, is the industry's only solution that combines strong authentication utilizing a cost effective biometric solution with advanced cognitive capabilities. DSGateway helps organizations reduce costs while providing unmatched confidence in the identity of each user.

The company's unique use of the Confidence Factor allows organizations to be more flexible and not locked into an all-in, all-out approach to authentication. 


Company Background

Delfigo's core technology is the result of over 8 years of research and development at MIT Media Lab by company founder, Ralph Rodriguez. His work was the extension of an initial patent (United States Patent Application 20040254988 published on December 16, 2004) which targeted a critical security gap in using single factor security credentials (userID and password) across the Internet to access global systems and applications. The initial concept and design centered on the creation of a software-based security token for secure second-factor access to systems and applications without the need to deploy or manage expensive hardware tokens, cards, or other biometric security devices like retina or fingerprint scanners.

In 2005, a breakthrough came in the form of using browser based javascript to capture unique human biorhythms based on computer keyboard typing patterns and behavioral biometric science. The success of the biometric pattern capture led to expanded development into an AI-based neural network utilizing sophisticated mathematics and data weightings.

In 2007 further research on key artificial intelligence concepts at the MIT Media Lab with Professor Marvin Minsky led to the development of an initial prototype for an event driven security architecture. On August 6, 2008 a utility patent was filed in the USPTO and assigned US Serial No. 12/224,057 for a "Method of and apparatus for combining artificial intelligence (AI) concepts with event-driven security architectures and ideas."

DSGateway, Delfigo's AI-based security platform that is the industry's only solution combining strong authentication with advanced cognitive capabilities, was the product of this patent. Learn more.



Dr. Robert H. Rines
(Aug. 30, 1922 – Nov. 1, 2009)

We at Delfigo would like to recognize the contributions of a valued and respected friend. Dr. Rines was a highly regarded MIT professor, inventor, lawyer, researcher and composer. It is with a great sense of pride that we acknowledge his guidance and inspiration.

Ralph Rodriguez
CEO, Delfigo Corporation