Delfigo Security - Strong Authentication

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  • UtilitiesAre you under pressure to provide authentication solutions that meet varied compliance mandates?
  • Are you looking to be NERC/CIP compliant in a cost effective and timely manner?
  • Do you need to implement premium security solutions while keeping a close eye on costs and your company's bottom line?

The Utilities industry is global, complex and highly networked. Deregulation and consolidation are rampant in this sector.

Due to the industry's significance to national security, there is heightened concern about data security and protection of critical infrastructure projects. Federal agencies such as FERC/NERC and regional and state authorities are mandating strict guidelines for access to infrastructure across the industry's value chain.  In addition to Critical Infrastructure Project (CIP) compliance mandates, this industry is also subject to regulatory compliance such as SOX and other national and international guidelines for IT security.

Non-compliance to these regulations results in penalties and sanctions up to and including revocation of licenses. However, cost, time and resources are inhibiting widespread adoption of CIP mandates among Utility companies. Delfigo's DSGateway solution is easy to implement, costs less, adapts to specific requirements and integrates with existing infrastructure. It provides strong authentication, including keyboard biometrics, geospatial parameters, system parameters and reflective thinking to control access to critical systems and infrastructure across the industry value chain.

Contact Delfigo to learn how we can assist you in securing your systems and infrastructure at a fraction of the cost.