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What's Stopping Us From Working in the Cloud?

Despite all the hype we hear about the cloud, working in the cloud might be coming more slowly than most of us imagine. In this post on InfoWorld, Gartner's recent findings that only about 8% of enterprise users are working in the cloud give us a chance to ask: What are the real barriers to adoption of cloud based technology for the enterprise?

It's easy to see that the growing number of mobile users will mean that eventually there will be more work we can do in the cloud, but adoption is slower than many predicted. InfoWorld's article references three barriers to adoption, even with the demand from mobile users, saying: "Even with a mobile boost...the growth of cloud office systems will remain slow for a few reasons. First, PCs and the office productivity software that runs on them are cheap -- and mobile office tools are even cheaper. Second, connectivity issues persist: You're not connected to the Internet all the time, and a metered connection typically costs money. Finally, there are still worries about security and privacy." Garter's Tom Austin, Vice President and Gartner Fellow says "While 8 percent of business people were using cloud office systems at the start of 2013, we estimate this number will grow to 695 million users by 2022, to represent 60 percent." 

As users adopt office systems in the cloud, we will see innovation in the technology that supports them in this move, and addresses the existing concerns organizations have about cost, connectivity and security.