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Google I/O and User, App and Device Security

As developers who attended Google I/O last week return to their work inspired by  innovative concepts they saw in action in San Francisco, flexible and innovative security should be on their minds. Google's Android operating system now has over 900,000,000 users, and will continue to grow as developers take advantage of the tools and services Google provides, which were the highlight of the conference this year. According to the 5 year product roadmap Google released this month, "stronger authentication" is a priority. As new features, applications and devices are rolled out and adopted, we will see increasing emphasis on securing these new technologies.

Security and user experience can seem to be at odds, but in reality they go hand in hand. Cumbersome security workflow will have an effect on experience, but the opposite is also true - elegant, innovative security designed for the mobile experience, will enhance it. ZDNet published an article last week emphasizing the importance of speed and user experience for increasing conversion for mobile commerce apps. Security is part of that experience, especially where having it extends users' ability to knit technology into their day to day activities. As users adjust to new ways to pay, transfer money or access data, a sense of security will part of what makes these technologies easy to use. User experience will benefit from enhanced mobile security.

Securing mobile technologies, with user experience in mind, will require innovative security solutions that are intuitive, easy to understand, easy to integrate with and easy to support.