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Significant Increase in Botnet Attacks in 2010

Information Week sites a new report that states there was a 654% increase in botnet victims in 2010!

The botnet market is both growing and consolidating. The top 10 botnets of 2010 -- based on total number of PCs compromised -- began the year with 22% market share, but grew to account for 57% of all botnet infections by the end of the year. Meanwhile, in the same timeframe, the number of unique botnet victims grew by 654%.

Much of this is the result of readily available botnet building toolkits. These crimeware toolkits such as MPack, Neosploit, Zeus, Nukesploit P4ck, and Phoenix compete with each other on the black market according to the Symantec Report on Attack Toolkits and Malicious Websites. Prewritten code allows those with limited skills to "to customize, deploy, and automate widespread attacks, such as command-and-control (C&C) server administration tools. As with a majority of malicious code in the threat landscape, attack kits are typically used to enable the theft of sensitive information or to convert compromised computers into a network of zombie bots (botnet) in order to mount additional attacks."