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Secret Challenge Questions Offer Weak Authentication

According to Technology Review Microsoft and Carnegie Mellon University will present new research at the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy to show once again that secret questions used for password backup authentication are easy to guess and provide less than adequate security.

The new research found that:

28 percent of the people who knew and were trusted by the study's participants could guess the correct answers to the participant's secret questions. Even people not trusted by the participant still had a 17 percent chance of guessing the correct answer to a secret question.

We have regularly argued here that passwords alone are very vulnerable, and not sufficient security. We have also believed that this was equally true for demonstrably simple questions, and this study clearly supports our beliefs. Despite all the effort and expense that goes into deploying and managing these complex and expensive identity management solutions, the fact remains that if someone really wants to gain access to your account they very likely will. And in most cases it may not be that difficult. There is clearly a need for a lower cost, less complex solution that provides the strong authentication required to prevent identity theft and reduce fraud.

The well publicized incident involving the breach of Republican VP Candidate Sarah Palin's Yahoo account highlighted this problem late last year. With a little effort any enterprising individual can gather the personal knowledge (e.g. mothers maiden name, high school name, pet name, street name) necessary to make some fairly targeted guesses, and eventually gain control of an account.