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Second Factor Now Required?

CNET reported this week that Google will be requiring second factor authentication for Google apps, even for users who have not specifically enrolled in the second factor feature Google currently offers.

"...Google is showing the growing necessity of owning a mobile phone -- and having it charged, connected to the network, topped up with access privileges, and working even when traveling. In effect, a person's phone number is becoming a sort of personal identifier.

Google plans 'to slowly roll out this feature for all domains over the coming weeks,' Google said in an update on Tuesday. For people who haven't told Google their phone numbers, Google will prompt them to share it if a suspicious login is detected."

"Dual-factor authentication requires two steps, typically a password and a code generated by a smartphone app or text message. It involves extra work to log on, but because it increases security significantly, it's arriving at sites including Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Twitter, Dropbox, and LastPass as a way to better protect accounts." Google's recognition that mobile users require strong authentication is indicative of a growing realization that second and multi factor authentication are needed to secure the way we work, which includes a mobile-specific security strategy.