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Ideal Experience is No Experience?

User Experience is a widely discussed topic in and beyond the security space. Previous posts here have cited the need to provide seamless and even transparent ways to secure mobile apps and transactions, in order to to enhance both security and adoption. This article examines that concept and points out that "no experience" is often the best user experience in a wide range of contexts.

The author says quite plainly "...unless your name is Disney, your customers almost certainly aren’t coming to you for an experience at all. They’re coming to you because they want to solve some problem or meet some need, and they think your company has a product or service that will help them do that – whether it’s feeding the family a meal, or fixing their car, or maybe communicating with a friend." This idea speaks directly to the notion that frictionless experience is king with end users, who are most likely looking to accomplish something as opposed to "experience" something when accessing an application or doing an online transaction. While security sometimes requires that the user devote some amount of effort to participate in authentication, access a secure environment, or protect valuable information, end users are still likely to embrace a frictionless experience - making them more likely to embrace security technologies that are designed with this in mind.