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Google's View of the Future

Last week Google I/O showed us Google's vision for our future.

"Google essentially wants to unify the user experience across all connected devices. That means allowing you to respond to text messages via your watch, order pizza from your TV, control your home from your car, and accomplish it all via a common voice-command interface that remembers your appointments and preferences" says James O'Toole for CNN's Innovation Nation.

Android's ever expanding platform is offering the kind of connectivity that means a user's identity will not just be their device, but a group of devices, all integrated and working with each other to deliver a seamlessly integrated experience. "It's a shrewd strategy" O'Toole continues, "As Internet-enabled products become more commonplace, we're not going to want to manage a huge variety of accounts. It's more convenient to have a common digital identity that moves with you across devices. The company that provides that single software identify is poised to reap massive rewards."

The notion of a single identity, free of the nuisance of maintaining multiple accounts, is seductive for users even as vulnerabilities continue to be exposed. To protect this broader concept of identity for users, across all of their devices, innovative identity security solutions will need to become part of the vision. These solutions will need to transcend hardware based delivery methods and take a hard look at what a user "is", and what makes them who they are. Biometrics are an obvious choice, as they are driven by the notion of using "something you are" to identify users. Because of this, we will likely see biometrics increase in usage, as they align with the emerging needs related to identity in this vision of the future.