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Get BYOD Right

Are organizations getting BYOD wrong? InfoWorld's "The Squeaky Wheel" featured a compelling post by Brian Katz this morning, where he examines what the fundamental goals and principles of BYOD really are, and how companies and organizations "miss the mark" when it comes to the true benefits of BYOD - empowering the user to use their own device, and enabling productivity.

Katz is right to point out that there are a number of emerging vendors targeting organizations who implement BYOD programs. These vendors enable organizations to deploy, manage and provision company resources on a privately owned device. These activities require security solutions that are designed to meet the needs of users accessing company data and applications - and of the companies providing them - including the increased productivity and ease of access users enjoy on their own devices. When this approach is adopted, simple and easy to use security should be at the top of the list for organizations who make their resources available on devices they do not own and do not control.