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Gartners 2009 Identity And Access Management Predictions

Gartner's four predictions for Identity and Access Management 

  1. Hosted IAM and IAM as a service will account for twenty per cent of IAM revenue by 2011
  2. Twenty per cent of smart-card authentication projects will be abandoned and thirty per cent scaled back in favour of lower-cost, lower-assurance authentication methods.

    (Key comment: "Gartner recommends that organizations with a free choice of authentication methods for local access should take a scenario-based approach to selecting new authentication methods, based on risk, end-user needs and total cost of ownership (TCO). ")
  3. Thirty per cent of large corporate networks will become ‘identity aware' by controlling access to some resources via user-based policies by 2011
  4. Approximately fifteen per cent of global organizations storing or processing sensitive customer data will use out-of-band OOB authentication for high-risk transactions by 2010.

    (Key quote: "Organizations that need to safeguard customer accounts should implement a three-pronged security strategy that includes risk-appropriate user authentication, fraud detection, and transaction verification for high-risk transactions."  - Ant Allan, VP, Research at Gartner)