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Cloud Authenticaction Processing Generates Cost and Energy Savings

Delfigo recently filed for patent protection on its Cloud Authentication Processing (CAP) and Verification method. The cloud authentication processing method combines enhanced login accuracy and access speed based on multifactor authentication, with significant efficiencies in data processing and storage resulting in substantial resource and cost savings.

“We recognized that there were economic opportunities available here. A more elegant, 'green' approach to multifactor authentication (MFA) significantly reduces processing and storage needs,” said Delfigo’s CEO Ralph A. Rodriguez. “When you are talking about the scale of Facebook, Twitter or Google, who are on their way to authenticating a billion users globally, CPU processing and storage optimization with CAP will reduce energy consumption requirements, enhance scale and result in millions of dollars in annual savings.”

Our team continues to take the lead in developing novel approaches to tackle authentication challenges. With the growth of cloud computing and other high user count systems, companies are faced with processing millions of users over the Internet. Additional data traffic, complex mathematical computation and exponential increases in hardware storage requirements for password, device, network and geo-centric user data will place huge drains on processing resources, related to CPU, memory, bus and circuit board speed in massive cloud data centers. This will in turn increase power and HVAC costs.

Delfigo’s Cloud Authentication Processing and Verification method creates the highest known efficacy of end user login accuracy in relationship to end user login time to access cloud based systems safe and fast. This unique approach is estimated to decrease storage requirements by a 10:1 ratio, and reduce processing requirements as only a single stored entry is utilized to authenticate against prior end user data. This method will save millions of dollars per data center, and an enormous amount of natural resources needed by companies, organizations and countries globally to power and cool equipment.