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Changing The Security Model for Mobile

 "'s become so 'consumery' out there that the old security requirements on the desktop PC just haven't grafted over. It might be easier to change the security methods than change the user behaviour. Biometrics here we come" says I.D. Scales for TelecomTV. 


The challenges associated with BYOD, coupled with the capabilities of smart devices, are creating an environment that begs for innovative security solutions that secure the right content at the right juncture, without requiring users to change their behavior, or imposing outdated processes or workflow users are accustomed to on their PCs. Mobile devices are designed to enhance user experience - allowing an individual to access and interact with all kinds of applications on demand, and it makes sense to consider how standard features of these devices can be deployed to facilitate requirements like security. Biometrics fit into this use case because they leverage information that is already there - information about the user themselves, which a user always has at their disposal.


Successfully leveraging these capabilities will require a commitment to the user experience expected on a mobile device. It shouldn't feel like logging into a PC and going through the "old" requirements for security. It is absolutely worth exploring how features on the mobile device can be used to achieve a "new" kind of security for users.