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Are Biometrics the Key to Preventing Fraud in the Call Center?

"The best security is always layered security, and this principle holds true when securing the telephony channel" says Gartner's Aviva Litan on While Ms. Litan's article focuses on the strength of a combination of voice biometrics and device printing to fight fraud in the call center, this article highlights the importance of both a layered strategy and one where the methods are designed for the transaction.

Call center fraud can be especially tough, when, as the article cited above states, the perpetrator of the fraud may well have the answer to security questions (through social engineering), account details, and fail to raise any red flags in their interaction with the call center representative, who are trained to help customers when they call in with a request. In this case, the presence of a voice biometric allows for the perpetrator of fraud to be "flagged" and possibly to be identified if/when they next attempt to commit fraud. This is done passively, an area where the most cutting edge biometric technologies excel - there is no need to inconvenience the customer in order to pull, measure, or flag this potentially extremely valuable information.

In this way, biometric technology races ahead of other authentication methods, which often require the user to "do something" - even if that something is as simple as receiving a text message. By layering security measures that passively collect and measure information, and aligning those methods with specific use cases, organizations can reduce fraud and protect their customers.