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Are Biometrics the Answer to the Password Problem?

The Huffington Post ran this article this week describing various methods of biometric authentication which could be used to offset the risk associated with the username/password paradigm. Each of the methods described has becoming a technological reality, if not a widely available feature, on the devices users rely on to access secure accounts and communications/content.

Far from theoretical or deeply technical, this article speaks to the notion that users are finally beginning to understand the scope of the risk associated with username/password, and looking to understand alternatives that may exist, which goes beyond the simple need to comply with corporate requirements which are the traditional drivers of adoption of strong(er) passwords and/or second factor authentication.

With biometrics, end user education will be a key ingredient of success since by definition the user is required to leverage something about themselves to achieve the level of security biometric authentication can provide. The widening scope of the discussion around biometrics is a strong indicator that this is occurring.