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Apple Opens Up TouchID for Use With Apps

This week at WWDC, Apple announced that it will open up TouchID for use with apps, allowing app developers to extend Apple's biometric fingerprint authentication feature to their users. For a demo, click here.

This announcement not only extends a user friendly, more-secure-than-a-plain-password authentication solution to app developers, highlighting a collective recognition that the there is a real need to enhance security for mobile users on both their devices and their apps, but it is also testimony to the growing interest in biometric technologies for authentication. They address some of the critical challenges associated with passwords and PINs, which are often extremely easy to bypass by guessing.

Apple is now leading the way in distributing biometric technology to it's many users. From the article cited above: "For all Apple’s posturing, this is actually one of its minute design details that does have the potential to change everything.