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Home Press Releases Delfigo Security Launches Multifactor Authentication for the iPhone

Delfigo Security Launches Multifactor Authentication for the iPhone

Enterprises and organizations can now extend multifactor authentication to their customers using iPhone for secure access to high risk transactions and applications.

Boston, MA - September 24, 2009 - Delfigo Security, the pioneer in intelligent authentication solutions, today launched DSGateway™ multifactor authentication (MFA) for iPhone users. Organizations that deploy DSGateway can offer full authentication for web applications without needing to deploy new software or policies to support mobile devices. A recent Gartner report, 'Competitive Landscape: Mobile Devices, Worldwide, 2Q09' cited 27 percent growth in worldwide adoption of smartphones, underscoring the importance that organizations deploy full authentication solutions for these devices to protect their assets and customer privacy.

Users type on smartphones differently than they do on full keyboards. DSGateway captures their unique keystrokes along with other identity factors to score and authenticate iPhone users ensuring mobile security. DSGateway uniquely verifies the identity of a mobile user using the biometric, geospatial, and system parameters associated with that device.

"As the proliferation of smartphones continues in businesses, organizations are looking for ways to leverage their mobile platforms beyond email and calendaring to access applications and data that sit behind the firewall" said Philippe Winthrop, research director in Strategy Analytics' Global Wireless Practice. "This increased interest in accessing data behind firewalls requires that organizations deploy security solutions that include multifactor authentication as part of an information and data loss protection strategy."

"Other authentication solutions offering mobile device support use the device as a channel to communicate login and password information or as a simple one-time password (OTP) device," said Ralph Rodriguez, CEO and Founder at Delfigo Security. "Delfigo incorporates full multi-factor authentication (MFA), including biometrics, into our mobile device support ensuring the security of the user's information. For example, a bank utilizing DSGateway can accurately determine if the user of a mobile device is the bank's actual customer. With this knowledge, the bank is able to better protect its customer's information, accounts and reduce operating costs associated with fraud and identity theft."

About Delfigo Security
Delfigo Corporation d/b/a Delfigo Security, with offices in Boston and at M.I.T. in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a venture-backed software company providing solutions for identity and access management. The Delfigo solution provides multi-factor, risk-based strong authentication platform using a patent-pending, artificial intelligence based architecture. The Delfigo software reduces risk of identity theft and fraud for enterprises and ensures regulatory compliance, at a reduced total cost of ownership. Delfigo's platform is designed with cloud computing and SaaS needs in mind. To find out more on how you can leverage the Delfigo technology for your enterprise needs, please visit or call 1-617-946-0600 or e-mail info (at) delfigosecurity (dot) com.

About Stage 1 Ventures
Delfigo is backed by Stage 1 Ventures, LLC, a venture capital firm specializing in investments in early stage companies. The firm seeks to invest in mobile industry, the executable Internet or Software as a service (SaaS), IPTV and Internet video, pay-for-performance marketing and advertising, and security sectors. In mobile industry, it focuses on search and advertising; consumer entertainment, including games, music, and video; content management and distribution; communication, including video sharing, SMS, MMS, and social networking; enterprise and consumer applications; productivity enhancement; and infrastructure supporting all of the above. The firm typically invests in companies that have first demonstrated market enabling IP. Stage 1 Ventures, LLC is based in Waltham, Massachusetts.