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Sending Money by Email with Google Wallet?

Google's wallet may start "showing up" for you. This article in Slate gives a high level walkthrough of the feature you may already see on your Gmail account which enables you to send money via Gmail.

As far as mobile payments go, this could not be easier to do. It's also clear why Google has an interest in users sending money using their Google accounts, as they'll have access to the data, attract new users who want to use this feature (in this case users accept the money with their wallets, too) and adoption could make a Google account even more essential for users day-to-day. Along with this feature, Google has stepped up email encryption, but it's very important that users understand the kind of security they will need to protect themselves while using this technology. From the article above: "Once you know what Google is really driving at, does Google Wallet seem less appealing? Probably not. It's convenient, well thought-out, and email-able. Just don't go too crazy, OK? It's still real money."

It's still real money. And this should give anyone with an insecure gmail password, or anyone who has ever experienced their account being highjacked, some pause. It's not just enterprises that need to consider the right balance between user experience and security. Increasingly, users need to do this for themselves as well.