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Where Are We With Wearables?

As expected, CES highlighted the latest and greatest in wearable technologies. So where are we? A piece in TechCrunch rightly points out that there may be more to do to make this technology indispensable the way we have come to view our mobile phones. One reason for this is that many of the capabilities of these devices are seen as benefiting marketers and analysts more than the would-be buyers:

"Smartphones have proven a veritable treasure trove of data about the people who use them, and that data is immensely useful in developing a product pipeline, and in attracting content and marketing partners. Sony’s Core is designed not just to track fitness, but to provide a log of essentially every connected AND real-world activity a person undertakes throughout the day. In the right (wrong?) hands, it could provide a near-perfect profile of the average day of actual consumers, which is the kind of data portrait that makes marketers weak at the knees."

Smartphones provide a host of features that their owners need and want, all on a single device, where wearables seem to offer extensive data collection abilities which sometimes don't balance or outweigh the actual benefits owners get from the device. Clearly the data these devices collect IS valuable. Wearables could become extremely compelling if they're seen as part of an overall data ecosystem, and that data is used to provide meaningful and varied user experience. Instead of using this data to create a marketing profile, the data could be used to protect the user, enable them to interact more deeply or to improve experiences with existing technologies. Improving the experience for the owner of these devices - in the context of their own world - will drive overall improvement and innovation in this field.