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Smartphone Theft - What Next?

Business Insider posted an article today telling the story of a young woman whose smartphone was stolen and how, against the odds, she managed to get it back. This story will resonate with anyone who has lost their phone (as so many of us have) and have hoped, if briefly, to have it returned, or who have felt the overwhelming relief of finding it and realizing that it wasn't lost, just misplaced.

The fear of losing our smartphone is real, and so is the potential risk. Symantec published findings on an experiment they conducted earlier this year, the results of which are highlighted here. The analysis puts into focus some of the real risks involved when these devices are lost or stolen, and do not have additional security features installed to prevent unauthorized access to the information they hold. Some key findings from the article:

"On studying this information, the following conclusions were drawn:

1. 96 percent of lost smartphones were accessed by the finders of the devices

2. 89 percent of devices were accessed for personal related apps and information

3. 83 percent of devices were accessed for corporate related apps and information

4. 70 percent of devices were accessed for both business and personal related apps and information

5. 50 percent of smartphone finders contacted the owner and provided contact information"