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Sacrificing Security for Productivity?

BYOD continues to drive end user reliance on mobile devices, and continues to highlight security risks as users increase their use of insecure apps.

"...Possibly the biggest obstacle that IT security meets is user resistance. BYOD has turned the security paradigm on its head. Where IT once dictated to users what they could do, users are now calling the shots and, swayed by the convenience and flexibility of mobile connectivity, 52 percent 'frequently sacrifice security practices to realize the efficiency benefits,' said a study by the Ponemon Institute, further discussed here.

In order to respond effectively to this issue, organizations and decision makers need to consider user experience and usability of security technologies they evaluate. This doesn't mean they should sacrifice security, or leave it out of their budgets and road maps. Usability will actually drive security (which users also want, and know they need) in situations where the right solution makes it easy to access apps securely without sacrificing speed or productivity.