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No Security Without Training?

Is security training for employees the key to better overall security?

Technologies designed to secure our devices, networks and environments can take us part of the way toward better security. But this article points out how absolutely necessary it is to train employees on the best security policies - a critical piece of a successful security strategy in a world where we have determined that limiting device use, mobility the context in which we work is simply not a viable strategy. Untrained team members can introduce some of the greatest risks, simply by not prioritizing best practices such as:

  • Using strong passwords/pass phrases
  • Not Leaving unencrypted laptops in vulnerable places
  • Applying software updates
  • Backing up data

When team members are well educated, they are able to take steps that will enhance their security in their work environments, and outside of them. Gradually, awareness is spreading of smart strategies to protect our personal information, as described in this article that goes so far as to suggest that we routinely try to "hack" ourselves. Thinking this way should extend to our working lives as well.