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Apple and IBM Announce Partnership - Security a Key Feature

Tuesday Apple and IBM announced a partnership which will bring the power and reach of IBM's enterprise applications to Apple's widely successful mobile platforms. As part of the partnership, IBM will create enterprise apps targeting the healthcare, finance and retail verticals (among others). The CEOs of Apple and IBM called described their offerings fitting together "like puzzle pieces" in an interview with CNBC.

Security is a key goal driving the partnership, enabling the most innovative mobile apps and technologies to reach enterprise customers, who require greater levels of security. "Apple touts the access the partnership gives them to IBM’s big data and analytics capabilities, and talks about how the apps that it produces with IBM will be developed 'from the ground up for iPhone and iPad.' These apps will supplement new cloud services aimed at iOS specifically, including security and analytics solutions, and device management tools for large-scale MDM deployments" says TechCrunch. Analysis of the interview in the New York Times highlights the importance of security for the partnership. "Industry surveys show that corporate technology managers are reluctant to put applications that can pull sensitive corporate data on mobile devices, because of security concerns. IBM has a corps of 6,000 security researchers and developers in 25 security labs worldwide — another asset IBM brings to the partnership."

“It’s clear that IBM and security go hand in hand,” Mr. Cook said.