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Android Running a "One Horse Race" - What About Security?

TechCrunch's Ingrid Lunden called Android's share of the 300M smartphones shipped in Q2 of this year a "one horse race".

Android, which is gaining market share across the globe, is popular because of its flexibility and compatibility across a wide range of devices. However, Ms. Lunden says: "Google’s win comes at a loss for everyone else, and interestingly for the smartphone market overall. Apple, Windows Phone and BlackBerry all declined, and while there were nearly 300 million (295.2 million, to be exact) smartphone units shipped for sale in the quarter, smartphone growth has nearly halved compared to a year ago."

With the growth of smartphone adoption across the globe, and the changing way we interact with (and rely on) these devices, any dominant platform/OS should be ready to take on the emerging security challenges associated with smartphones and tablets. Android, because it is open and flexible, is unique challenged in this area. Says Darlene Storm for ComputerWorld in a recent article: "Although Android owners might not want to hear it, the platform is still the top target for malicious attacks. Android owners have been hearing that for years. In fact, back in 2011, Android was dubbed a cyber menace... Kaspersky found that 98.05% of malware targets Android, which confirms 'both the popularity of this mobile OS and the vulnerability of its architecture.'"

Emerging mobile security technologies should have strong solutions for Android, and be uniquely tuned in to the vulnerabilities it has.