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Dr Sheldon ApsellDr. Sheldon Apsell

Dr. Sheldon Apsell is a world-class physicist, widely recognized through his research and work in technology, national security and business. Dr. Apsell brings 30 plus years of experience as an entrepeneur, having founded several leading Massachusetts based technology companies such as LoJack and Kronos as well as a host of other technology companies, such as MicroLogic, Lifeline, and SmartRoutes, based on his research.

Dr. Apsell founded MicroLogic in 1977. Under his direction, MicroLogic became the pre-eminent electronic development firm in the Boston area.  As CEO, he was responsible for both executive management of the company and the technical innovation for which MicroLogic had become known. Dr. Apsell also created the iSite system for the monitoring and management of fleets of construction equipment dispersed throughout the world. Prior roles include the Director of Product Development at Aritech Corporation, and developing and introducing to the alarm industry the first sensor independent multiplex system at Eikonix, where he was the Senior Staff Scientist.

Dr. Apsell has made significant, lasting contributions to the scientific community with 15 US Patents, most notably anti-theft devices (Patent numbers 7319378, 4206449, 4908629, 4818998) and alarm systems (4321592, 4206449).

Dr. Apsell holds both an undergraduate degree from MIT and a PhD from Brandeis, in Physics.